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    The Acceleration Process

    Taking it Global From the Get-Go

    Companies with a global outlook are proven to have greater sales and growth trajectories. Yet only about one percent of all US firms are engaged in exporting. One percent! Studies have shown most US companies with competitive products and services lose money by sitting on the sidelines because of a fear of the unknowns in exporting, despite the broad network of training and support services. The challenge facing the US economy is to find more effective ways of getting more companies ready for and actively involved in international trade. The IBA meets that challenge by bringing profitability and growth to your business.

    Who We Are

    The International Business Accelerator is a joint program of the Community Vitalization Council, an economic development non-profit, and K5 Ventures, an early-stage venture fund that partners with and invests in technology-driven businesses led by visionary founders.The IBA was started in 2014 with support from the US Small Business Administration.

    The IBA Export Accelerator @ LAX

    The IBA is pleased to host its LA program at the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce. Located between Los Angeles International Airport and Silicon Beach, the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce has membership from the most dynamic and export savvy companies in the region. The IBA@LAX will offer parallel tracks for service and product companies to maximize export readiness and immediate profitability.

    The IBA Export Accelerator @ LBCC

    The IBA is pleased to announce the partnership with Long Beach City College and the Los Angeles Network of the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC). The IBA@LBCC is hosted in LBCC Building O-2 (4900 E Conant St, Long Beach) and the program is open to companies throughout Southern California. Special incentives are available to companies wanting to locate in Long Beach.

    InBoundLA @ Silicon Beach

    Inbound LA is for international companies interested in a guided roadmap to US market entry with Los Angeles as the entry point. The LAX and Silicon Beach areas of Los Angeles are home to hundreds of cutting edge tech and advanced manufacturing companies. This launch pad will enable international companies to access the unparalleled lifestyle and career opportunities that the most talented, skilled and diverse talent pool in the US.

  • Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Christopher Lynch


    Christopher Lynch is a global business thought leader and founder of the International Business Accelerator (IBA). An economist by training, he was a career US Foreign Service Officer, dealing with economic and business policy issues in Washington DC and at five US Embassies in Europe and Latin America. His last post was as US Consul General to Hamburg, where he was the senior US Government representative in northern Germany.


    After returning to the US, Chris has focused on local economic development and entrepreneurship. He has mentored more than 200 startups through business incubators, accelerators and small business development programs. Chris currently heads the Community Vitalization Council and was previously VP for Economic Development at the Irvine and Santa Rosa Chambers of Commerce in California. He founded the International Business Accelerator in 2013.


    He is an adjunct professor of International Business at Golden Gate University and of economics at Long Beach City College. He speaks fluent German and Spanish.

    Michael McClune

    Manager IBA @ LAX and InBoundLA

    Michael McClune has extensive experience in international business as a two-decade small business owner. His global perspective began in the 1980s while traveling to Europe as a middle-school athlete and studying Russian in high school. After graduating University of Pennsylvania and working for a software firm, he left to sell the software in Chile and enjoyed assisting small businesses with international trade. Two decades later, shortly before joining the IBA in early 2017, he co-owned a joint partnership with an Eastern European company.

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