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Seven Reasons to Go Global Today!

The IBA Provides You the Roadmap

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"The world is going global."

We have all heard that phrase in the news, in the boardroom, and in meetings. But, why go global? What is the real benefit? Here are seven reasons:

  1. Triple Your Customer Base  In today’s ever more connected world, you can sell to more people than ever before.  Only 25% of global purchasing power is in the US. If you only compete in the US market, it's like only playing a quarter of the season's games and expecting to go to the Super Bowl.

  2. Simplified Information Infrastructure  Going global has never been easier with the invention of new technologies. Information that used to be recorded on paper is now digitized and stored online or in the cloud. There are many platforms, including all of the major logistics partners, that give you accurate information on the costs of getting to your product to market. There is no longer any guesswork on the shipment status of your product.

  3. Sales at the Tap of a Button  You no longer have to make long business trips to reach prospective global clients.Tech solutions can be leveraged to make international deals frictionless. Video conferencing software brings a personal touch to meetings that occur thousands of miles apart, digital forms increase accuracy and reduce bottlenecks, and digital marketing enables a whole suite of customization for people around the world.

  4. Less Financial Risk  Through careful use of insurance and financial products, you can lay off 90% of payment risk. This can improve the predictability of your cash flow and ultimately create a more sustainable and efficient business model.

  5. Greater Margins  Constantly being undercut by competitors? Because you can play in the markets you choose, many exporters find that their margins are higher in export, than in domestic, markets.

  6. Opportunities for Alliances and Partnerships  Exporters are constantly exposed to new products and ideas. This can lead to business alliances and partnerships that would not be available in the US market.

  7. It’s More Fun The world is your playground when you enter the global market. For those of you who are excited about travel or interacting with new cultures, global business gives you the perfect way of matching work and fun.

The world is full of new opportunities and it has never been easier to reach them. Now is the time to expand your borders and explore how your business can take advantage of shifts in the global economy.


Contact our team today to explore what going global could look like for your team.

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