• The Export Accelerator Program

    Smart business executives know the fastest, most cost-effective way to increase sales: Expand into international markets that have 75% of global purchasing power.

    The IBA Export Accelerator is designed for motivated business owners to launch their small and medium sized companies into new global markets. Because the best learning is from mentors and those who have already done it, the IBA brings those experts to you. Participants leverage a proven process which infuses companies with the business intelligence required to:

    1. Understand cross-border markets,
    2. Formulate strategies,
    3. Minimize operational and invoice risk,
    4. Close sales,
    5. Retain customers.

    This goes far beyond free training courses by providing a roadmap to success.


    Why Companies Have Found Success With The Export Accelerator

    • Training Led by Cutting-edge Industry Experts
    • Business Coaches with International Expertise
    • Market Research by our trained research staff
    • Accountability – We Hold You Accountable to Your Goals

    How the Program Works For Your Company

    The Export Accelerator is a 90-day program that consists of two workshops, intensive coaching and a Demo Day (industry experts, potential customers and investors) The IBA has helped companies with product, services and a combination of products and services. By the end of the three months, the company will have:

    • Export Strategy to enter the markets of your choice. This is not a cookie cutter approach. For some companies, the Export Strategy will include identification of vetted distributors/agents while for other companies, the strategy will develop e-commerce and online strategies. The strategy will clear your hurdles to cross and illuminate paths forward to sales
    • Expansion Plan to lay out the operational changes the company will have to make to successfully export products or services. This will include finance requirements and how to meet them (loans, angel/VC finance or crowd equity finance)
    • Market Research on your Specific Market. Our trained interns will prepare a product specific study on your target market, market entry requirements, best practices and product/service competitiveness
    • Investor or Client Presentation. Our team (including research interns and investor pitch coach) will work with you to develop a DEMO Day presentation that will engage your audience and motivate them to close the deal. 

    We Can Help You Build a Team

    As an add-on service, we will help you build a team to execute this program. We know that many companies lack the right mix of personnel to make this shift in strategy. We will work with you to identify skills gaps and assemble an interim team to help you launch into the new markets.

    Who Should Apply?

    The International Business Accelerator (IBA) team is looking for companies with:

    • Products or processes that have strong global growth potential
    • Established companies or early stage companies with a proven management team
    • Commitment to participation in the entire program
    • Products and services targeted at the following verticals:


    Advanced Manufacturing

    Clean Tech


    Artificial Intelligence

    (Other verticals considered on a case by case basis)

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