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    In our cohort-based learning approach, industry experts present the latest information and best practices to the participants. As part of the process, the participants are responsible for researching the deliverables listed for each workshop.


    Workshop 1: Orientation and Introduction to Developing Your Company’s Global Strategy

    The program begins with an overview of what companies can expect from the International Business Acceleration process. A key component of the process is learning from the experiences of the other participants. We will review documents key to developing your company’s export plans and presentations: Target Market Worksheet,Export Planning Worksheet and Demo Day presentation slide deck.


    Deliverable and Assignments for Workshop 1:

    Discuss/articulate your basic business case for your core business

    Discuss your basic revenue model demonstrating financial viability of your business.


    Workshop 2: Getting Your Company Ready for New Markets

    We begin by understanding the growing market for global products and services. In contrast to domestic markets, there are a vast array of resources only open to exporters. We will review market entry strategies, and looking at the pros and cons of each approach. Finally, we will review the legal, accounting and other operational systems that your company should have in place before launching into global markets.


    Deliverable and Assignments for Workshop 2:

    Demo Day presentation PPT shell with title sides and content for Demo Day slides 1-4 completed.


    Workshop 3 Doing Business Effectively in Other Cultures

    A successful international business must find the right messaging for customers from many cultural backgrounds. What works in the US may not work elsewhere and executives have to understand where their counterparts are coming from. This workshop will present tools to understand how other countries and cultures approach business and purchase decisions. The workshop will also cover using interpreters and managing international negotiations.


    Deliverable and Assignments for Workshop 3:

    Target Market Worksheet completed

    Export Planning Worksheet Section 1 completed


    Workshop 4: Legal and HR Issues in Global Business

    Inherent in international business is working within differing legal systems. Attorneys specialized in international contract law as well as intellectual property rights will outline key requirements and how to protect your company’s interests. Tax experts will review requirements for value added tax collection and tax implications of international transactions. We will also discuss international HR management, US export regulations, ethics and corporate social responsibility.


    Deliverable and Assignments for Workshop 4:

    Demo Day PPT slides 5-8 content completed


    Workshop 5 Getting Your Product/Services Ready for Global Markets

    This workshop will focus on the nuts and bolts issues related to adapting products and services to target markets and evaluating the relative competitiveness of your product. We will discuss logistics, international trade/tariff policies and differing standards regimes. Ways to compute the price of your product in the target market and where to find information about competing products will also be discussed.


    Deliverable and Assignments for Workshop 5:

    Section 2 of Export Planning Worksheet completed pertaining to legal, accounting and operational readiness.


    Workshop 6 Global Marketing and Operations

    Every market is unique and this workshop focus on how to compete in specific country markets. We will cover the latest in digital marketing around the world by reviewing the online profiles of your companies, and suggest strategies for your target markets. The workshop will also discuss planning for your international expansion, including assessing impacts on production, sales, marketing and personnel.


    Deliverables and Assignments for Workshop 6:

    Section 3 of Export Planning Worksheet completed pertaining to logistics, landed cost and other costs of distribution.


    Workshop 7 Financial Readiness

    Much of the risk in international business can be covered by using the right finance tools. We will cover banking relationships, foreign exchange operations and government guarantees and grants. Many companies will need additional finance for the expansion phase, options for debt, angel, venture and crowd equity funding will be discussed. Lastly, we will work on developing your budgets for the international launch.


    Deliverable and Assignments for Workshop 7:

    Section 4 of Export Planning Worksheet completed pertaining to go-to-market plan

    Demo Day slides 9-14.


    Workshop 8 – Global Business Plan Presentation Preparation

    This workshop prepares you for Demo Day. You will work with your business advisor and peers to learn presentation tips, and fine-tune your presentation in practice sessions focused on effective delivery of your content within time limits. You will also be presenting your global business plan to an informal panel and receive initial coaching and feedback to further refine your global business plan presentation prior to DEMO Day.


    Activities between Workshop 8 and Demo Day: Companies will work with their advisers to fine-tune their presentations and conduct practice sessions focused on effective delivery of content within time constraints, etc.


    DEMO DAY: The capstone for the IBA is Demo Day when the portfolio companies present their global business plans to a panel of global business experts. The portfolio companies have worked on the various elements of the presentation throughout the workshops and Demo Day provides the opportunity to get feedback from successful practitioners in the field on specific company plans and strategies.



    The IBA Team meets weekly with the participating companies, either in person or virtually. The IBA team will work with the company to develop process for international business as well a globally savvy work force.

    Online Reference Library

    Our learning website will have articles and videos related to the topics which the participants should read before each workshop. The site is meant to be a resource center and will be available to participants even following the completion of the acceleration process.

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