• The IBA Program

    Do you have a product or service that has global sales potential? Do you need the knowledge, skills, tools and contacts to reach those international customers? If you answered ‘yes’ to both, the International Business Accelerator can be the key to open doors to international success.


    The International Business Accelerator is an intensive program that works with companies to develop:

    • International Readiness
    • Product Readiness
    • Funding Readiness


    The participants will learn from industry experts and will:

    • Emerge with company specific international marketing plan with a clear path to execution.
    • Receive business coaching and support through first international sale.
    • Develop a funding plan including introduction to potential investors.
    • Have access to a network of resources needed for a successful startup (IT, Accounting, Legal, HR, Global Trade, etc.)


    Who Should Apply?

    The International Business Accelerator (IBA) team is looking for companies with:

    • Proven prototype or process (beyond proof of concept)
    • Strong global growth potential
    • Pre-revenue or Early Stage
    • Founding team of 2 or more
    • Commitment to participation in the entire program, including attending six workshops
    • Products and services targeted at the following verticals:


    Advanced Manufacturing

    Clean Tech


    Artificial Intelligence

    (Other verticals considered on a case by case basis)

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