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    Looking to Set Up a Presence in the USA With the Los Angeles Region as Your Base?

    InBoundLA Is Your Concierge to Get Your Company Up and Running

    Basic Package

    What You Need to Set Up in LA

    The International Business Accelerator team brings its expertise and partnerships to global companies wanting to establish operations here in the US. IBA Inbound LA, with its team of experienced international executives, works with your company to establish and launch successful companies. Companies are automatically members of the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce and have access to the 530 members and their networks. We provide:

    • Customized strategy. This includes a customized and structured market entry strategy and introduction to customers and suppliers. Based on our experience with global companies entering the US market, we pay special attention to which strategies the company needs to adopt to be successful in the competitive US marketplace.
    • Entity Formation. Creation of the appropriate legal entity (C Corp, LLC, Subsidiary, etc.) with consideration of tax, accounting, investment, and intellectual property requirements.
    • Office Space for 3 Months. The LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce hosts a co-working space across the street from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
    • Market research. We provide in-depth market analyses using student teams from local universities and colleges.
    • Initial Lodging assistance.

    A La Carte Services

    No two companies are alike. The IBA and our partners offer the following services at discounted rates.

    Legal Services (Intellectual Property, Contracts, Immigration, etc.)

    Accounting and Tax (International and Domestic)

    Employee Recruitment

    ITC Infrastructure

    Branding, PR, Website Development

    Online Marketing Strategies

    Contract Manufacturing

    Site Location/Real Estate Brokers


    Equity Finance (Angel, VC, Crowd)


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